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What is go4peace?

go4peace began in 1995 in the ruins of the Balkan war. Young people from different European countries started to do reconstruction work in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The leitmotif was daily mottos from the Gospel. The young people shared their life. This was the fundament of the "John Paul II" Youth Centre in Sarajevo, which Pope Francis visited in 2015. He encouraged the young people, "You have an important vocation, never to build walls, just bridges."

More than 1,500 young people from 29 different nations have been involved in go4peace camps across Europe. go4peace has become a way of life for many young people to actively live for peace in their everyday life. They have experienced that peace is possible across all borders of nations, religions and generations. They are involved in social days for disadvantaged people, for Europe and for a sustainable approach to creation.

What are the goals of go4peace association?

The aim of go4peace association is to support intercultural and interreligious activities of young Europeans and thus to contribute to peace in Europe. In concrete terms, international
camps of young people with a focus on Europe are promoted. This gives space to intercultural exchange and international understanding between young people.

How are the goals realized?

In international meetings, recently often organised digitally, young people have the opportunity to experience Europe and to learn about the history, the idea and the common values of the community of nations. This exchange enables networking between different individuals, youth teams, organisations, national groups and initiatives. It makes possible  effective and creative cooperation. Several schools are actively involved in this project as well. In addition to the use of social media (e.g. "go4peace app", YouTube channel "pieces4peace" and regular video conferences), classic promotional materials and documentation are also used as helpful means of communicating the objectives of the association.

How can I become a registered member?

Fill in the membership form and send it to the address given on the form.

Account of association and donations

go4peace association
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