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"Light of Bethlehem" - a sign of hope

On the 3rd Sunday of Advent (17.12.2023), the "Light of Bethlehem" will arrive in Vienna during these troubled times and will be distributed from there to the countries of Europe. On Saturday, the 23rd of December, young people in Kamen will bring the light – in storm lanterns – to all the people in their city who have previously requested the light. We are collecting all first and last names and forwarding them to the Benedictines of the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem. They, along with young people, will embark on a journey to Bethlehem on foot during the Holy Night and then pray for all the names at the birth cave of Jesus.

Here in Kamen, we will also pray for all the names during the Christmas Eve Mass at 9:00 PM. This way, the light that many will receive becomes a shining symbol of connection with people locally, throughout Europe, and in Israel. On the evening of December 23rd (Saturday), there will be a virtual meeting via Zoom at 7:00 PM (CET) for the young people in the go4peace network, who have passed on the light in many places across Europe.

If you're interested in joining, then:

  1. Sign up here!
  2. Find out where the light will arrive near you!
  3. Gather friends who want to distribute the light with you on December 23rd!
  4. Promote the initiative in your village/city/networks! Compile a list of those to whom you will bring the light on December 23rd!
  5. Join the European Zoom meeting by go4peace on December 23, 2023, at 7:00 PM (CET). The link will be sent to the WhatsApp numbers and email addresses that you can enter in the registration form.
We welcome every group from Kyiv to Madrid and from Trondheim to Rome to participate in the network of light. In doing so, we bring signs of hope in these times and, on Christmas Eve, find ourselves looking at this light in prayer for one another and connected with one another.

If you want to be part of it,
sign up!

If you want to participate in the Europe-wide English-language Zoom meeting on Saturday, December 23, 2023, at 7:00 PM CET, please enter your email or your WhatsApp number:

Monks and young people from the dormition abbey in Jerusalem bring many names to the Grotto of Bethlehem on Christmas Eve and pray for these people. Please send us the list of people to whom you have brought the light and we will send them all to Jerusalem. Tell the recipients of the light that they will be prayed for in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve. Send the list by 20.12.23 to