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Give all your love!

I had personally invited more than 90 young people to a communication training course, prepared and moderated by an experienced trainer friend. 11 young people took part. My colleague's co-trainer had fallen ill and he himself had had to deal with several deaths in his family. I asked myself what my role could be for the day. My heart let me know: Give all your love! - So, while the group was working, I went to church to pray for everyone. I spent the lunch time with them. Then I had the idea of preparing a message and a small gift for each of the young people. Thought - done! At the end of the day, when I handed each of them their gifts with words of appreciation, I looked into many bright eyes. As I said goodbye to my colleague, he said: "What a gift it was to do this training programme. It has brought me so much joy. It was first class! Thank you for making this day possible. I'm going home with an unexpected joy and a deep peace in my heart!"