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We were invited to a cultural festival with our navi4life trailer (navi4life mobile). I got talking to an elderly couple. The woman, who has been deeply rooted in her church community for many years, was standing with her husband at the go4peace stand. ‘You're a priest? That's great that you're offering something like this here for young people and trying to empower them for their lives. My life is slowly coming to an end and I have - unfortunately - lost my inner contact to the church!’ A lively conversation developed. With the longing in my heart to be a lively, honest dialogue partner for my counterpart, the go4peace app came to mind. I explained it to the elderly man. Enthusiastically, he immediately downloaded it onto his smartphone and told me: ‘What a gift! With the little mottos, I now get a mini-impulse from the Bible every morning. I'm excited to see where this will take me!’ We parted with happy faces.’