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Shared life

I receive a photo via WhatsApp of a young woman who died as a medical assistant in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. She is commemorated and remembered on a large square in the centre of Kyiv. These are emotional moments that I later follow in a short video. As is often the case, the cruelty of the war comes very close to me. I reply to the writer with hopeful words. Her reply: ‘Thank you for your presence in my life, especially in such painful moments. I can feel it. It's so important to me!" - The next day, I send her a photo of some poppies that have blossomed. Her reply: ‘Thank you for the flowers from your mum's garden. At last we have electricity again and are returning to a halfway normal life. But somehow my heart is heavy at the moment and I'm not sleeping well either. Probably because of all these emotional moments, but I have to work and I want to LIVE. Yes, I'm really hungry for life!"